The Cannes Lions Experience

Maxx Evan Photography Presents:

Cannes was quite the experience of a lifetime. It was a week from hell, but it was at the same time exactly what I needed. I went to Cannes with the intention of not only learning about the industry I plan on working in one day, but to see what really makes the world tick. The work at Cannes, is the best work in innovation done around the globe, celebrating the works of many in not just our industry, but the world. I will remember the time I spent in Cannes for the rest of my life, and hopefully I can make it back one day for work. Listed below are the names of the majority of the lectures I was able to go to during my time in Cannes 

Creativity Matters
The Power of Storytelling to Touch Peoples Hearts
The Future of Modern Storytelling & New Media
The Case for VR: Should We or Shouldn't We?
Mobile-only Pioneers: What's Next?
Rehearsing for Real: Behind the Curtain of an Immersive Experience
Storytelling in the Dark
Unlocking Real Time Creativity: From Enterprise to Speed of Culture
Merge - is the Future Robot Shaped?
What Nasa & Space Exploration Can Teach Us About Creativity
Chief Creatives on the Beach
Next-Gen Storytelling - The New Rules of Content Creation
Authenticity In & Out of the Water With Kelly Slater
Humanising a Catastrophe: World Refugee Day
What if Your Idea Can Change the World
What the Hell Happened?
What Can a Whale Teach Us About Creativity
Producing for the Streaming Generation
Three Things Keeping Me Awake at Night
Educating Generation Hybrid: Half Art, Half Copy, Half Tech
Telling a good story w/ Sir Ian McKellen
A$AP Rocky: Terrace Talks
Saatchi & Saatchi: New Directors Showcase
Gaming: a Digital Storytelling Revolution
The Mutating Creative
New Hollywood: Making a Brand Sponsored Film
Lights, Camera, Action, Content Lessons From World Entertainment
Telling a good story w/ Sir Ian McKellen
Adidas Originals: Great Minds on Music Brands
Portfolio Review
Martin Sorrell in Conversation with Robert Kraft & Ron Howard
Creativity in the Experience Age
The Lion of St. Mark Interview: David Droga
How I Fell in Love with an Asshole
See It, Be It : Facing our Fears
Dancing with my Inner Critic
When your Passion Burns out Suddenly&Violently.Then what?

As you can see, the week was pretty hectic. I went to too many talks, and too many events, to keep track of. I enjoyed every moment of it, and relished in the surprises, the many hidden treasures discovered during the week in Cannes. Now please enjoy my top 5 favorite photos from the week (Click to See Full Photos). And after stay tuned for some advice I'd give to future 'Canes in Cannes.


Some Advice for Future 'Canes in Cannes:

Well, theres not much else to say other then congrats on considering participating in what may be one of the most influential trips you can go on in your college career. The entire week is jam packed, do not underestimate it. Be sure to be well rested, and actually study the packet of faces before you get there, it will help. I promise. The week is hectic, there's lots of wonderful places to explore, cuisine to try, talks to see, and beaches to chill on. And trust me, there will be time for everything. You just need to remember to SLOW DOWN and take time to enjoy your stay in Cannes. Go with the flow, be sure to go to whatever mandatory talks you are interested in, and never feel bad about having to miss something. Never wonder what could have been. Your time in Cannes will be special no matter what. Go off the beaten path, separate from your friends, try something new, you never know where it will lead. Be open to experiences and you will truly get everything you can out of Cannes. It's a once in a lifetime event, that just solidifies desire to be apart of an ever growing industry we all love for a reason, an industry revolving around innovation.